Netflix Is Buying The Studio Behind Its ‘Stranger Things’ Canada Game

Netflix has in the present day announced that it will acquire Next Games, a Finnish Canada sport developer that has already made an RPG based mostly on Stranger Things. The deal will see Netflix hand over round €65 million (around $seventy two million), with the entire paperwork expected to be finalized by the summer time. Next Games has plenty of expertise courting the Tv-tie-in market, and previously made The Walking Dead: Our World which was saved up to date in sync with the (in)well-known zombie show. As Michael Verdu, VP of Games at Netflix defined, Next Games will become a “core studio,” “expanding our inner sport studio capabilities.” This could be very in-line with Netflix’s strategy to broaden out what it could possibly provide to customers beyond prestige Tv miniseries that repeatedly last 2-three hours longer than they need to. As well as titles spun-out of Stranger Things and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix has additionally launched a Hearthstone-esque card battler called Arcanium: Rise of Akhan and Krispee Street. Not to mention its initiatives in “interactive fiction” like Bandersnatch and the just lately-launched Cat Burglar.
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