Marianne Wilkinson has invited me to the meeting tonight at KRC.

Hi All,
Marianne Wilkinson has invited me to the meeting tonight at KRC. She has also asked me to invite all the local people I have been in touch with. I do not think she realizes how many of us there are.
My goal is to work for the children that are struggling with addiction and their families.Let’s all go and show them how many of us there are. Please bring your children if possible.
Make sure everyone you speak to knows you are from and/or
Most of the politicians would like to, and will announce you are there because of them. Make sure they know and the media knows we are there because of, and for our children and our families.
No Shame!
No Stigma!
It is not just about addiction recovery. More importantly it is about SOCIAL recovery!
“It takes a village” We are your friends and neighbours! We need you all!
We have just begun!
Sean O’Leary

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An Open Letter

On Saturday, February 18, I wrote an open letter to 15 or so parents of addicts and other concerned people both in the mental health field and friends with whom I have shared some of our family’s struggles.

I have been getting many requests to confirm that I wrote the letter. I did.

I have been getting a great deal of support and encouragement. Also many families of other addicted teens in our community have reached out.

Your responses have been greatly appreciated and I will reply to all. My first priority though is to talk with the parents of other addicted teens, so please be patient.

Thank You

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